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The Efficacy Student Success Program  

The Efficacy Student Success Program (SSP) brings the Efficacy mindset and tools to students attending academically challenging schools (including exam, parochial, charter, and private schools). This population shares many challenges, as well as great opportunity. The SSP provides these students with a venue to discuss the challenges they face, and gives them a framework for success. Student Success Programs are held in a variety of professional and collegiate settings, and is typically offered as a five-day residential program.

 Student Success Program - July 8-12, 2013

Student Success Programs will be offered at Bentley University in Waltham, MA on July 8-12, 2013.

These programs are open to students entering grades 8-12 who attend academically challenging schools. Programs include five days of Efficacy curriculum, coupled with fun-filled evening events meant to promote students’ thinking about the world around them.

All educational and recreational programming, lodging, and meals are included in the total SSP cost. 

SSP Resources:
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 Program Goals

The SSP aims to help students:

  • Boost their confidence and develop greater ownership over their academic and professional goals, increasing their investment and motivation in school
  • Recognize that having a quality life means more than achieving academically; it also means showing strong character and being a positive, contributing member of the community
  • Create a dialogue about the challenges they face, and build a network of peers from across the U.S. who are in similar academic environments that can be called upon throughout the school year
  • Expand college options and learn techniques that can support college success
  • Connect their family histories to present-day opportunities, and begin thinking about the kind of legacy they would like to leave
 SSP Programming

Dynamic daytime curriculum and evening recreational events work in concert to achieve SSP goals. Although every Student Success Program will differ slightly based on location and event duration, program components may include:

Daytime Curriculum:

  • Defining what it means to live a quality life
  • Understanding the nature of intelligence (the Efficacy Get Smart Mindset)
  • Learning how to stay resilient and what do to after failure and difficulty
  • Studying research by Dr. Carol Dweck to understand the importance of maintaining a learning-oriented mindset, especially in challenging situations
  • Identifying how positive and negative influences impact decisions
  • Inspecting what it means to show strong character, and discussing why people act in different ways on different days
  • Processing how relationships can be supportive of, or detrimental to, one’s development and goals in life

Evening Recreational Events:

  • Civil Rights Movement and African-American History events as supported by local resources (including museums, experts, and monuments)
  • Spoken Word Night featuring local artists
  • Student-produced film festival
  • "White Out" party with a DJ
  • “Girl-Talk” and “Guy-Talk” sessions with professional counselors
  • Bowling or roller skating outing

An Efficacy Workshop will also be offered to all parent/guardians of SSP students. This workshop provides an overview of SSP concepts, and helps parents further support their children, especially as they strive to apply SSP learning to their daily lives back home.

 Students Say

"The concepts you will learn [in this seminar] are tools you can use for the rest of your life... not only to be successful, but satisfied." - AR

"During this session I felt like a different person inside with the same shell outside... it made me see a different way of life - that I can do this [college] and I can change to better myself." - LF

"This seminar was amazing... it helps you understand that if you keep your head up and you don't give up, then you will have the keys to success." - AB

"Phenomenal!  This presentation will change your habits and help you truly excel in college." - TH

“I had a general idea of what I needed to do to be successful however, this program in plainest terms, gave a clear direction for me to be successful.” - AB

“I really loved the lessons that were taught here. It made me think about my life differently, and made me focus more on doing well in school and being a better person.”  - CS

“It was a great chance to meet new people and focused on ways to be successful in life – which is exactly what I needed!”  - TC



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